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I offer a number of services to help you reach your personal goals. Below are some brief descriptions of each with links further detailing each method. I highly recommend you visit these pages to better understand what to anticipate. Also, be sure to visit the 'Previous Sessions' page for a few samples of my work.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)


Using a unique method developed by Dolores Canon this process allows patients to communicate directly with their subconscious mind or higher self. This method is based on the premise that physical illness or discomfort as well as personal issues are rooted in beliefs held firmly by our subconscious and will work to release the hold that those those beliefs have on our current lives. These can included traumatic events from earlier years or even past lives. ​A typical session can last anywhere from 3 - 5 hours and will cost $250.

Timeline Healing

Time Line Healing is a powerful technique taught by Sal Rachele that helps individuals heal deep-rooted limitations and mental blocks that have been imposed on them in the past. A typical session lasts 1 - 1.5 hours and can be accomplished in person or through Skype. The cost of this service is $100.

Parts Therapy 

Taught by Roy Hunter, I use this technique to help individuals overcome internal conflict they experience in anything from decision making to stubborn habits. Please visit Roy's website more more information. Similar to Time Line Healing, this technique takes 1 - 1.5 hours and can be accomplished in-person or on Skype for $120.

Crystal Healing Bed 

I have long been a proponent of John of God's healing powers and recently purchased one of his Crystal Healing Beds for myself and my clients. These tools are extensions of the same healing spirits that he works with in Brasilia brought back with me to Northern Illinois. Come and experience the healing effects as an add on to another service or as a standalone! Visit his website here 

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